Lighting, Street Furniture & Landscape structures

With a vast library of materials APEX plus will carry out the selection and specification of the landscape needs from light fittings to seating units, bins, shade structures and all additional furniture complementing the landscape setting.

Management of Landscape Tenders

Review of tenders both technically and financially to guide and advise clients as to their best option for selection between different contractors in a manner best suiting the client's requirements, budget and schedule without compromise to the soundness of the design and the functional and safe final product delivered to the client.

Sourcing and Supply of Landscape Material

Due to our extensive knowledge of landscape products and our in-depth analysis of the available production in Bahrain, APEX Plus can assist our clients to gain materials from reliable sources at competitive prices, that meet with the design specifications. The highest standards are meet to better serve the client's landscape needs, increasing the longevity of the constructed project.